How to Reduce Holiday Stress

Author: Dr Bennett December 12, 2017 Body Workz Wellness, Personal Development & Growth

During the holiday season, many people experience an increase in stress and anxiety, whether it be caused by financial concerns, family matters, or time constraints. People stress over buying Christmas gifts, traveling, dealing with differences in the family, keeping track of finances, and so on.

Weight gain is another concern, and a lot of people don’t realize how significantly stress can contribute to it. Glycogen in the body is converted back into blood sugar when under stress, and it causes weight gain. Dr. Pete Sulack says, “You can have a clean diet and still gain weight, if you’re not managing stress effectively.”

But the holidays are meant to be a very joyful time, a time to enjoy the company of others, and a time to feel grateful and feel blessed. So how can we reduce our stress? How can we make the holidays as enjoyable as possible, like they’re meant to be?

He were go through some of the most important steps for reducing stress during the holidays. Always keep in mind that the holidays are intended to be quality time, spent in good company, and with joy. As Dr. Pete says, “If you don’t manage stress, stress will manage you.”

Acknowledging your feelings

The first part of acknowledging your feelings is realizing that your excessive stress is not okay. You need to recognize that it is unhealthy. Recognize your stressors – whether it’s finances, family and personal concerns, time constraints, lack of movement or sub-par food choices.

Another key to legitimizing your feelings is finding the proper perspective. Even though it might not seem like it, you are valuable and loved. Realizing this and keeping this top of mind is important for changing your perspective from negative to positive.

Remember to connect with the people that help you feel valued and loved. Stay connected with your loved ones that can motivate you, drive you, and remind you that you have worth.

Proactive approach

Taking a proactive approach toward the holiday season, and life in general, begins with your daily choices. You want to make choices that will affect where you want your life to be. Make the choices that will propel you toward that life.

Being proactive includes learning to say no. A lot of people feel obligated to engage in certain things that are adding stress or they are booking themselves too tight. Learning to say no will make sure that you are building resilience to the stressors in your life.

Don’t abandon healthy habits

Despite the holiday going-ons, try not to lose your healthy habits, whether it be your diet, chiropractor visits, or your spiritual life. Dr. Bennett believes that a 90% to 10% ratio is a good way to live. This means 90% of your time should be consumed by good habits – eating healthy, staying active, and so on. The other 10% can be spent on splurging – eating something fun or taking a day off which will allow you some flexibility.

A key factor in maintaining your health is keeping your immune system strong. Eat plenty of foods with antioxidants, drink plenty of water, exercise, get adjusted by your chiropractor and laugh a lot.

Focus on giving

Embrace the holiday season by giving back. Even if it’s in a small way, such as helping a family member prepare dinner, or giving a card to someone you care about.

Focusing on giving will again help you to get in the proper perspective. Remember when your not sure what you can do; you can always count your blessings and be grateful.

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