Thank you for your interest in the Stress-Less 2018 Purification.

Find out if you can benefit from the purification program!

Our STRESS ASSESS questionnaire will help us assess your potential need for the purification program. The questionnaire only takes a few minutes of your time. Get started today… Change your habits. Change your life.

Get started by filling out the STRESS ASSESS questionnaire now!  > Standard-Process-Stress-Assess-Questionnaire.pdf

Purification Program Details (Cost $299)

  • 21 Day e-mail Support
  • VIP Facebook Group –WELLth Warriors
  • Dirty Dozen / Clean 15 Food Sheet
  • Detailed Dietary Guidelines
  • Pre-Post Evaluations (On-Site Participants)
  • Specific Nutritional Supplementation
  • Whole Food Supplemental Shakes
  • Bonus Special Events

The 6 Key Changes

  • Learn about foods for good health.
  • Remove bad fats, replace them with good fats.
  • Discover what proteins are best for you.
  • Replace and reduce refined sugars in your diet.
  • Replace grains with pseudo-grains.
  • Learn about proper hydration.