At just 7 years old, our son was diagnosed with Complex Motor Tics and Tourette’s syndrome. He was experiencing movements all over his body and making noises with his mouth that he could not control. It was very frustrating to him because the tics interfered with his playing, running, reading, and writing. The neurologist said there were no cause and no cure for the tics or the Tourette’s syndrome. At puberty, they would either go away or get ten times worse. We were terrified. The neurologist told us that if the tics and Tourette’s syndrome got any worse, our son would need to start taking medication, which consisted of blood pressure medicine and anti-depressants. He was only 7 years old. We were completely devastated. We decided medication was not an option at his age and that we would take our chances without it. We left the hospital feeling helpless and hopeless.

Our son kept getting worse and worse and we kept praying and praying for guidance as to who could help him. A friend had sent us an email telling us that we should go see Dr. Bennett. Maybe he could help. Our son was so bad that we had reached a point of desperation. We called Dr. Bennett’s office and made an appointment for a consultation.

Dr. Bennett spent 2 ½ hours with us that evening getting to know everything there was to know about our son. (Dr. Bennett explained that he didn’t treat Complex Motor Tics or Tourette’s syndrome, but his goals were to enhance the natural healing abilities of the body.) Dr. Bennett also prepared us that our son could get a lot worse before he got better. He gave us his cell phone and home number in case we needed him anytime, day or night. Wow!!!! What other doctor would do that? We left that evening feeling hopeful for the first time in three months and feeling like our prayers had been answered.

We were seeing improvements in our son and his symptoms becoming less and less frequent as each day went by. We were even seeing less moodiness and less hyperactivity…Within three months, our son was showing no signs of complex motor tics or Tourette’s syndrome. What happened to no cause and no cure? ….the cure, well, all glory goes to God for that one, but God placed Dr. Bennett in our path to help take care of our son.

After our son was better, we both decided to go under Dr. Bennett’s care as well. We feel so much better than we used to and are healthier too. Who knew that our son’s illness would benefit all three of us? God is good! We are all very thankful for Dr. Bennett. He is very knowledgeable and we depend on him to help us make the best decisions about our health.

– R and R McCartney

I was experiencing bumps or cyst on my arms and legs. I decided to try the Clinical Purification Program with Dr. Bennett as an alternative to having them surgically removed. Being mostly fat, they shrank noticeably as the weight came off. I lost 12 pounds in 21-days and several of the smaller ones have already disappeared.

The best part of the program was the increase in energy. I was much more energetic on the second day and on the third day I finished a 3 year old farm chore to-do-list. Three weeks after completing the Clinical Purification Program, my energy is still higher than it’s ever been since I was a kid!

– JM

Take the Chance and “Change”… I work and manage a bakery 6 days a week for 58 hours. I would eat 1-2 donuts for breakfast, 2-3 cups of coffee and drink very little water. Lunch was a large pepperoni roll with cheese, maybe a cookie and a diet soda. My dinner was pasta; cheese and maybe peanut butter, whatever tickled my fancy. I was out of control!

Dr. Bennett gave me a customized eating plan which consisted of lean meats, eggs, lots of vegetables and a small amount of fruit. After abusing my body with breads, pastas, sweets, caffeine, and corn syrup, dairy and processed foods…this was a BIG change! I lost 47 pounds and was feeling better.

Dr. Bennett then recommended a 21 Day Clinical Purification Program…another lifestyle change…I was feeling stronger than ever 7 days into the program, my mind was clearer, my body didn’t ache and it only got better as the days went by. I lost 23 more pounds on this program…70 pounds lost overall!
Thank you Dr. Bennett for your outreached hand… Thank you God!

– R Johnson

I consulted with Dr. Bennett because I was always tired. I suffered from cloudy memory, weight gain, itchy patches on my arms and legs, difficulty falling asleep, waking several times a night, constant headaches, no desire to exercise and in fact a lack of desire to live. I was extremely stressed…After being under care in his office I’m sleeping better, my skin is clear, no more chest pain and anxiety, my memory is better and I actually have a desire to get out of bed….More so a desire to live and care for my body again!

– CH

The time had come! I knew I had to get serious, disciplined and really do something about my weight. A year ago my medical doctor told me for health reasons; I had to lose weight. Two of my co-workers and I started talking to Lisa about the programs they offered at Body Workz Wellness…Next thing I knew I had a consultation with Dr. Bennett. He recommended their 21 Day Clinical Purification Program.

The first few days were the hardest. My body was changing and cleaning itself out of all the toxins I had consumed over the years…With each passing day I noticed changes inside and out. I was feeling better, getting more energy, the belly fat started to disappear, the tops of my arms were getting smaller. My mood was changing and I didn’t feel so down, I was happier and more pleasant…My husband shared his support and started eating the way that I was on the program and would not let me stray…BUT the support I received from Dr. Bennett, Lisa and Jessica was amazing because they really care! You become part of their family…you are not just another number. You are an individual that they want to help make lifetime changes…After 21 days I lost 16 pounds…I have been walking 3 miles – 5 nights per week and continue to lose weight.

THANK YOU!!! You have taught me to eat healthy, change my lifestyle, discipline myself and most of all feel healthy again…This is an EXCELLENT program and I highly recommend it. It is a great way to start a new and healthy way of life, eating good foods and feeling good about you!

– MM

My results were mind blowing!! What a tremendous support team. If one is busy the other is there to help you out! All you have to do is ASK…for me, making a lifestyle change was easier than a diet. A diet has the word DIE in it! Scary! Lifestyle change has the word LIFE in it. Not so scary! I am off my blood pressure medicine and I’m thinner now all over than I have been in 10 years! Life is what I wanted back and that’s what I got. This program SAVED MY LIFE! Thank you Dr. Bennett, Lisa, Jess and Standard Process; my FRIENDS for LIFE!

– TH

As young as I can remember, I have always had a weight problem. As a child I was considered “obese:” by sixth grade I was only 5 feet tall but weighed 189 pounds. My body image was already distorted, even back then…I have tried every “diet” in the book. I lost weight but always returned to my old eating habits slowly yet surely. I could maintain my weight consistently, but only by skipping meals and vigorous two hour cardio workouts 6-7 days per week. This left me tired and still flabby.

I thought that since the number on the scale was low I was healthy, but I couldn’t understand why I could not tone my muscles and experienced so many issues with back pain…I know now that I needed help to change my approach to achieving good overall health…Since being introduced to the Wellness Program by Dr. Bennett and Lisa, I have noticed a huge change in my body…Lisa is very accepting to my physical limitations but challenges me in each and every workout session…Dr. Bennett and I worked together on a customized eating plan…My health routine now consists of eating whole foods, taking my supplements, getting regular chiropractic care and working out for only 30 minutes twice per week – what a difference. For the first time I know that I am in control of my health…I am now focused on a healthy lifestyle. I have achieved my goal of feeling “Happy and Healthy” thanks to Body Workz Wellness.

– RT

DIETS…I had tried them all. Oh sure, you would lose some weight but it came back on just as quickly. When I noticed a friend at work was losing weight and looking great I asked her what she was doing. She told me about Dr. Bennett and her total life transformation…I was impressed with how knowledgeable he was…what he said made perfect sense. The program didn’t require you to buy mysterious foods, you just ate everyday things; fish, chicken vegetables and fruits…I am losing weight, my blood pressure is down 30 points and I’m getting fit…I feel better than I ever have and I consider this a nutritional plan that I will follow for the rest of my life.

– KG