Virtual Office

Welcome to Body Workz Wellness Virtual Office

What is a Virtual Office? A Virtual Office is a portal for your journey with Body Workz Wellness. Here you will find Terms of Participation, Forms, Medical Record Instructions, Consultation and Follow-up Visit pricing, Payment Options, Insurance Coverage and Appointment Cancellation Policy.

Terms of Participation

We strive to provide you the highest standard of healthcare. As you begin your journey through the healing process we ask that you commit to helping us serve you. Please carefully review and complete all the information we ask. Once completed all forms need to be mailed, emailed or faxed to our office 7 days prior to your appointment. This allows our TEAM time to evaluate your current health status and establish the groundwork for your care plan.

Fax Numbers: Morgantown Location: 304-292-6475 | Reedsville Location: 304-864-5030


New Client History Form (Adult)

Daily Food Intake Form

System Survey Form


Medical Records

Your medical records can only be released with your authorization. Please obtain all previous medical records from your physician or other health care provider and mail, e-mail or faxed all records to our office 7 days prior to your appointment.

Fax Numbers: Morgantown Location: 304-292-6475 | Reedsville Location: 304-864-5030

Initial Consultation and Follow-up Visits

The length of your initial consultation will be 50-60 minutes. The length of follow-up visits will be based on the complexity of your case.

Our fee structure as follows:

  • Initial Consultation: $249
  • Cost of laboratory tests vary depending upon the testing that is ordered.

Physician Office Visit or Phone Follow-ups:

  • 15 minutes: $49
  • 30 minutes: $89
  • 45 minutes: $109
  • 60 minutes: $169

Payment Options

We operate as a private-pay clinic. Payment is due at the time of appointments. Should you have any questions, please talk to office staff prior to your appointment. Our office accepts cash, checks or credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover) for services rendered. Nutritional analysis along with laboratory/diagnostic testing is an integral component of your care. On the day of your scheduled consultation, all charges for services, nutritional supplements, as well as any laboratory testing will be itemized and reviewed with you. Payment is due on the day of service. Appointments are timed and you will be billed only for the actual time spent with the physician.


We do not accept Medicare or see Medicare patients for chiropractic care. We also do not participate with any insurance companies. Furthermore, we cannot assure you that services such as diagnostic lab test, in-office or phone consultations and supplementation products, will be reimbursed by your insurance company. At your request we can provide you documentation that details your office visit. Most insurance companies do not cover alternative care, preventative care or supplements. You can however, check with your insurance carrier to find out if your policy provides any coverage.

Cancellation of Appointments

Due to the overwhelming requests for new client consultations, there is a 7-day cancellation policy on initial visits. Should you need cancel your appointment, you can do so by contacting our office. If you are unable to keep your scheduled follow-up appointment, please notify us 48 hours prior to your appointment.