Clinical Nutrition

We utilize a variety of techniques and testing to determine what nutritional modifications and support you need.

Clinical NutritionWhen attempting to assist the body’s natural healing processes, in regards to both short and long term conditions, it is necessary to evaluate all potential underlying causes. Evaluating all areas of dysfunction requires us to address nutrition, diet and life-style choices.

Our Clinical Nutrition program utilizes techniques such as a detailed patient history, analysis using a System Survey Form, seven day food journal, adrenal system blood pressure analysis, body pH analysis, hair tongue and nail analysis, mineral status testing, laboratory analysis which may include – blood, stool, and saliva, and Bio impedance testing –analyzing body composition and health of the cell walls and mitochondria, and NutriSync Genetic Nutrition and Fitness Assessment.

The results of the testing performed give us a greater understanding of your unique body composition and profile, allowing us to customize a program with your goals in mind.

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