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Our focus is on client centered care not disease centered care.

Our Approach at Body Workz WellnessAt Body Workz Wellness we practice a system of Functional Wellness that incorporates the best diagnostic tools and tests which allows us to identify the crucial imbalances that are at the root of most illness.

Functional Wellness seeks to identify the root causes of dysfunction and disease. Health, wellness and the healing process are natural inborn processes. Our bodies are constantly reproducing at a cellular level. Disease and dysfunction happen when we step out of that natural healing process. Our desired wellness with mind, body and spirit will only happen when we are aligned with the natural healing processes.

At Body Workz Wellness we focus on bringing our clients back into the healing process versus focusing on disease. Disease and dysfunction are simply an absence or decrease of life expression. We view the body as one complete cohesive system, not a collection of organs that function individually. Our focus is on the entire system, not solely the symptoms. Using a system-oriented approach allows us to partner with our clients and empower them to attain the state of health they want and deserve.

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