Path to Wellness

The choices we make on a daily basis not only determine our outcomes but help guide the direction of our lives. We have the opportunity to make choices every day. The question is do we make them consciously or unconsciously? If we choose to make them consciously we have the ability to change our lives.

The path to wellness involves making choices in the way we move, eat and think.

Step One…Move Well

Move WellYour body was designed to move in specific ways therefore it’s important to maintain an optimal range of motion of each joint to enhance your overall physical health. Your nerve system is the master system of your entire body. Every tissue and cell is dependent upon proper nerve function which is directly affected by good posture. Good posture means your spine, ligaments, muscle and joints are in proper alignment and can function at their greatest efficiency. Poor posture can decrease your level of function – leading to disability and disease.

Making optimal motion part of your daily routine can increase of life span, improve your bone density, lower your chances of disease and help with proper weight management or weight loss. Life is motion and some is better than none. You don’t have to join a big gym or sign-up for the latest trendy class. Although there can be benefit in doing these activities the bottom line is you getting out and moving. Not just a few times a week, but every day. Together we will assess your current level of activity and make suggestions in improving and maintain good posture along with increasing your current levels of daily activity. This step helps you increase your range of motion, flexibility and functionality.

Step Two…Eat Well

Eat WellYou have heard it before but maybe don’t quite understand it. You are what you eat! The macro and micro nutrients of the foods we consume determine the composition of our cells. Your blood, hormones, muscles, organs, ligaments, bones, even your brain is composes of the nutrients we absorb from the foods we eat. If you want to be a real person you have to eat real food. The reality is most people are garbage cans with hairy lids. They consume all types of man-made, synthetic food-like substances and wonder why they can’t function at their highest levels.

Your body uses the foods that you consume to replace billions of cells on a daily basis. Research has shown that eating well is an important part of reducing your risk for chronic lifestyle diseases and improving your genetic expression. With the vast amount of information available, people are often confused about where to begin and how to continue in making proper food choices. Life shouldn’t be about counting calories or searching for the next diet fad to hit the market. This step of the process helps bring clarity to the confusion. We share with you how to make better choices with the foods you consume to enhance your overall health.

Step Three…Think Well

Think WellThere is a direct connection between our thoughts and our actions. If we continue to produce the same actions they become habits. Often times what keeps a person from functioning at their highest capacity is the way they are thinking. Our past victories and disappointments shape the outlook on things to come.

You have heard the phrase that experience is the greatest teacher. We feel that evaluated experience is the greatest teacher. What has worked well? What has not worked so well? What do you need to do more of? What should you stop doing today? It all comes back to the way you think and the choices you make. This step is designed for you to gain a better understanding of how your past choices have influenced your current health reality. It’s not about perfection it’s about progression. By changing your thoughts and therefore your habits, your road to success will be much shorter and your body, the vessel that gets you there will be in remarkable condition.


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