Clinical Weight Loss

Weight loss is simple correct?

Simply burn more calories than you eat – eat to the point of starvation and exercise to the point of fatigue and you’ll shed those unwanted pounds. Although it sounds promising in theory the results are lacking in reality.

Clincial Weight LossThe truth is that once you’ve finished starving your adrenals are more stressed, you often become more nutrient deficient and toxicity levels in your body rise higher than before. You now start to put the weight back on and even a few pounds more. The reason that most weight loss programs fall short of what they promise is that they never address the underlying problems of the weight issues in the first place.

Our clinical weight loss program is designed to deal with the underlying causes of the client’s weight issues. We accomplish this by feeding the body quality, nutrient dense foods, supplementing with whole food supplements like Standard Process and eliminating the driving forces causing the issues of weight gain.

We begin by addressing nutritional deficiencies. Most of the clients we consult with experience problems with their metabolism due to the lack of essential nutrients. We analyze which nutrients are deficient with specific nutritional test, blood work and in some cases genetic DNA testing.

We also assess the toxicity levels in the body. Our environment is a toxic pool of over 80,000 different chemicals. These chemicals are often stored in our fat cells if the body can’t eliminate them. This elimination process is dependent upon proper digestion. Often times an inability to lose weight can result from an unhealthy gut lining or a disruption of the normal gut flora. Clients experiencing these imbalances will often complete one of our safe, gentle Purification Programs to eliminate this unwanted toxic waste.

Uncontrolled blood sugar is a daily problem for many Americans. Studies have proven that sugar is more addictive than alcohol and harmful drugs such as cocaine and heroin. With the average American consuming way too much sugar, there is no wonder we are seeing the devastating effects of diabetes and uncontrolled blood sugar issues sweeping our nation. Too much sugar also increases inflammation in the body which is an underlying factor of many chronic disease processes. Furthermore, with the addition of higher levels of stress in our society, an overwhelming number of Americans are dealing with a fatigued endocrine system that is often undiagnosed. When these endocrine glands become fatigued normal hormone production begins to take place and our metabolism slows down. We have helped develop specific Purification Programs that address the harmful effects of sugar and stress overload.

Life is all about choices. If you’re not happy with your current situation then you need to make different choices on a daily basis. We work with you to in a scientific approach to shape better diet, exercise and lifestyle choices and then hold you accountable to those choices. This is not a fad weight loss diet; our program is a comprehensive lifestyle solution designed to help our clients achieve their goals and maintain their health. We have helped hundreds of people reboot their health with customized Purification Programs.

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