Since being introduced to the Wellness Program by Dr. Bennett and Lisa, I have noticed a huge change in my body. Lisa is very accepting to my physical limitations but challenges me in each and every workout session. Dr. Bennett and I worked together on a customized eating plan and my health routine now consists of eating whole foods, taking my supplements, getting regular chiropractic care and working out for only 30 minutes twice per week, what a difference.


The best part of the program was the increase in energy.  I was much more energetic on the second day and on the third day I finished a 3 year old farm chore to-do-list.  Three weeks after completing the Clinical Purification Program, my energy is still higher than it’s ever been since I was a kid!


After being under care in his office I’m sleeping better, my skin is clear, no more chest pain and anxiety, my memory is better and I actually have a desire to get out of bed…More so a desire to live and care for my body again!