3 New Ways to Reduce Stress (Part 1)

Author: Dr Bennett November 27, 2017 Body Workz Wellness, Eat Clean, Personal Development & Growth

In today’s day and age, there are some big misconceptions about stress. One of them is that stress is a bad thing. We always try to completely eliminate stress, by doing yoga, meditation, and even taking medication.

We experience stress every day, whether we like it or not. One of the keys to reducing excess stress is to see it as a good thing, and a normal thing. This is where the mentality of positive thinking begins. To learn more, be sure to check out Stress RX and this Stress 101 video.

Recovering the body to homeostasis is the best way to develop resilience to stress. When we experience low amounts of stress, our body is in homeostasis where it detoxifies best and your immune system is strongest. When it is in high stress, it cannot return to homeostasis. But maintaining that homeostasis can be achieved in three proven ways.

Chiropractics and Movement

Freeing up your spinal cord signals your brain to return to homeostasis. When your spine is adjusted, the central nervous system is unblocked and can function normally. And because it can return to homeostasis quicker, it will increase your resilience to stress.

A freed up central nervous system allows your mind to think clearly, and the mental stress placed on your brain is reduced.

Positive Thinking

Thinking positively is not always easy to do. But it’s an incredibly simple idea. A University of Wisconsin study found that the mortality rate among 30,000 adults was lowest in the group of adults that had the highest amount of stress but who thought that stress was good for them.

If we can change our perception, we can change the outcome. Stress is not what caused mortality among the adults studied, but rather their perception of stress as a bad thing.

Our minds are much more powerful and influential on our bodies than we think.

Adaptogenic Herbs

These herbs are designed to return your body to homeostasis, increasing your resilience to stress. They can be seen as a blend of “uppers” and “downers”, essentially acting as a thermostat in the brain, keeping your body in homeostasis.

Three adaptogenic herbs are used in StressRX. They create a synergetic effect to increase your resilience to stress by helping your body quickly return to homeostasis.

Realizing how stress affects you is the first step toward building your resilience. Implementing these three things will help your body adapt to stress properly and keep your body and mind healthy!

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