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11 Ways to Help Your Child Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Author: Dr Bennett August 31, 2017 Body Workz Wellness, Eat Clean

The percentage of children with obesity in the United States has more than tripled since the 1970s, according to the CDC. With September being Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, it’s a perfect time to think about your family’s nutrition. Here are a few ways to help your child develop healthy eating habits. Start with a plan […]

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Explain Good vs. Bad Carbs

Author: Dr Bennett December 29, 2016 Eat Clean, Eat Healthy Morgantown

Carbohydrates are good for us because they give our bodies energy. Diets such as South Beach and Atkins have brought the idea of carb consumption to our vocabulary and generally bring a connotation that carbs are bad for us and something that will cause us to gain weight. But not all carbs are the same […]

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Should I Remove Gluten from My Diet?

Author: Dr Bennett December 1, 2016 Eat Clean, Eat Healthy Morgantown

“Gluten Free” is a label that has grown in popularity within the last 5 years. Comedian John Pinette joked a few years ago that he didn’t know what gluten was but he knew it made food taste good. Gluten is actually a natural component, comprised of two proteins, found in most whole grains and is […]

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5 Foods You Must Avoid After a Workout

Author: Dr Bennett September 26, 2016 Eat Clean

Spending 30 to 45 minutes daily in the gym will do amazing things to your body. But the easiest way to neglect and diminish those benefits is to eat poorly after a workout. Working out and burning 600 – 800 calories does not give you a green light for the McDonalds drive-thru. It does give […]

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High Powered Protein Super Foods You Need to Know

Author: Dr Bennett September 13, 2016 Body Workz Wellness, Eat Clean, Protein

I am taking your shopping list and flipping it upside down, because you may not be getting enough protein. Did you know protein is essential for muscle growth and it helps repair muscle? Protein is an action packed nutrient that helps control the amount of carbohydrates released into your bloodstream. In turn, that helps control […]

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