5 Ways Hormones Play a Role in Your Everyday Life

Author: Dr Bennett August 16, 2016 Body Workz Wellness, Personal Development & Growth

You feel it inside and you know something is not right. Are you eating too much or not enough? Do you always seem frazzled or stressed? Your default setting has changed, and you can’t seem to pin-point why.

Is that sounding familiar to you?

While a lot of the underlying causes can vary from patient to patient, a common denominator could be a hormonal imbalance.

Women can become very vulnerable to hormone imbalances with age, chemicals in your food, synthetics in beauty products, and even environmental factors.Hormones and Your Health

These imbalances typically go unseen. They like to sneak around, wreak havoc, and make dealing with your health challenging. The worst part though is some doctors dismiss the warnings or attach them to some other unrelated issue.

Wired and Tired:  One of the worst feelings to have. You wake up, you are full of energy, then CRASH. A hormone called cortisol can reach low levels if you are experiencing a lot of stress. If you have fluctuating cortisol levels, an adrenal hormone, it will feel like you are on a roller coaster ride of feeling wound up, but exhausted at the same time. When your adrenal glands become overworked you will be left feeling lethargic, heavy, foggy and maybe even a little depressed.

Libido M.I.A. Did you know that about 70 percent of low libido is hormonal? Causes can range from estrogen dominance or low estrogen, but your thyroid and adrenal glands also play a role. Add the effects of stress, poor sleep, and you’ll find Friday nights not as frisky as they once were.

You Can’t Lose Weight: You could be doing everything right, but if have a hormone imbalance, it could be holding you back. Your hormones run your metabolism. If you find the right hormonal balance for your body, you’d be surprised how efficient your exercise routines will become. Talking to a health professional is the best way to figure out where your imbalance is, and what options you have to correct it.

Stress Less: I know this might seem easier said than done, but let us be honest for a second. Stress on your hormones is like dumping gas on a fire. Find a stress-busting activity like yoga, running, meditation, or take a walk in nature. You’ll find higher energy levels, it will ease the stress on adrenals, and overall you feel better in your own skin.

Sleep More: You know I get it. We live in a fast & competitive world. But understand one thing. Your body has an optimal number of hours it needs to recover. Do not cut your body short of rest. That also means unplugging, keeping the phone away from your bed, and making sure the environment around you is good for sleeping. Did you know it is ideal to have a bedroom temperature around 65 – 70 degrees?

Hormones are no joke. Take them serious and figure out how to balance yours. By balancing your hormones you can regain control of your body!  If you would like additional help getting started then download the guide below! It is the beginning stages of what it takes to feel great in your skin again!


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