How to Create a Balanced Life

Author: Dr Bennett June 15, 2016 Body Workz Wellness, Personal Development & Growth


Creating a balanced life can be hard if you are caught up in the middle of your daily routines day after day. Maybe you are looking to balance those activities better and make the most of your time. First off, live in the present presence, you are only in the moment once so when you are, truly focus about the moment do not focus your attention on yesterday or tomorrow, focus on your now. So ask yourself this question “ What is my now?” To figure out your now is to set goals ahead of time. Every Sunday before you go to bed sit down and map out your week to figure out what you want to accomplish to make the most of your time. You do not have to “Strictly follow something, but you do need to have an outline that will help you reach your goals. Assess your life and ask yourself are there parts you need to restructure in your life in order to balance your life. Here are some tips you can try to create a balanced lifestyle.

  • Goal Setting:  Set goals to help you have a vision of where you want to be and which direction you are heading towards. Such as also setting goals in different parts of your life such as:
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Physical Being
  • Financially
  • Spiritual Alignment
  • Reaching Your Goals: You have to give everything you have to reach your goals, you cannot throw in the white towel when things get tough. By reaching your goals you will give yourself a sense of accomplishment and it will help push you to accomplish your next goal as well. Celebrate the little victories along the way.
  • Relaxation: This is going to sound crazy to some of you….But seriously…take time off of work to focus on you and to help you regain energy and perspective. We all have tendencies to work until we run ourselves over the limit. Use this time to travel alone or do a hobby that allows you to reconnect with you.
  • Family Time: I mentioned above you could travel alone well instead of traveling, plan a family vacation. If vacation is out of the picture do game nights, weekly dinners, hiking, sporting activity, etc… Family is where we all come from, you can’t ignore that bond. Find the time and be sincere when you are with them.  
  • Nutrition: For those who know me, you knew this was coming. The food you put into your body will affect your body one way or another. The bad food will affect weight, memory, and other key functions to make being successful much harder. Take care of the ONE body you get, and it will help you reap the rewards of all your hard work.

It is essential to set goals, reach goals, take time off, make family time and eat well to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle in order to go where you want to be in life. Keep in mind that creating a balanced life will reduce stress and give your relief of being able to keep the balance in life. Simply put; start moving well, eating well and thinking well!

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