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Why Am I Always Tired? Fatigue

Author: Dr Bennett February 9, 2017 Body Workz Wellness

When a woman says she’s exhausted it’s often a sign of an underlying problem and can interfere with every aspect of her life. The Endocrine system produces hormones to regulate sleep, mood, and metabolism among other things. An imbalance here may be a domino effect from another issue, such as hormonal imbalance or stressed adrenal […]

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#EatHealthyMorgantown Episode 9: The Cupcakerie

Author: Dr Bennett December 16, 2016 Body Workz Wellness

It’s Episode 9 of the #EatHealthyMorgantown and we are bringing you a sweet treat!! Hey tribe!! This special holiday edition features, The Cupcakerie – Morgantown, WV with Anna McCarthy Carrier and Janet Nelson Williams. Make sure to watch the full video to see why cupcakes are included in the #EatHealthyMorgantown series. Please share this with […]

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#EatHealthyMorgantown Episode 7 – Mountain State Brewing Company

Author: Dr Bennett November 23, 2016 Body Workz Wellness

Episode 7 #EatHealthyMorgantown features Mountain State Brewing Company Mountain State Brewing Co. is one of the oldest & largest brewing businesses in West Virgina. Their founders are Brian Arnett & Willie Lehman while today we’re visiting our Morgantown location with special guests Brittany Gross (Assistant Manager) and Chad Bartlett (General Manager). Learn about some gluten […]

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Author: Dr Bennett November 17, 2016 Body Workz Wellness

  Mindfulness As we go through life we come in contact with a broad spectrum of people. There are people that may have had things relatively easy and there are those who have walked a more difficult road. Something to remember is that in life there is a purpose for everyone you meet. For some, […]

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#EatHealthyMorgantown Episode 4 – The Beehive Cafe at Pace Enterprises

Author: Dr Bennett October 12, 2016 Body Workz Wellness, Eat Healthy Morgantown

  The Beehive Cafe & Pace Enterprises “There is an economic impact of $8.2 million dollars created by Pace Enterprises for the Morgantown community” – Bob Pirner Episode 4 of our show #EatHealthyMorgantown highlights two amazing establishments in our community. The first being the Beehive Cafe, which, since opening in 2010 is a hidden jewel […]

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#EatHealthyMorgantown Episode 3 – Ridge Roasters Coffee

Author: Dr Bennett September 27, 2016 Body Workz Wellness

  Ridge Roasters Coffee is The Real Deal! It is hard to believe we are already three episodes into our #EatHealthyMorgantown series! Before I go any further though, if you have missed the first two episodes, you can click here to watch them. Episode 3 brings us to a fun topic. Which leads me to […]

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